I'm falling in love with the plastic spikes

by the plastic spikes

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all songs written, recorded, performed, arranged & produced by ryein erm during july 2010, released sept 2010 in santa cruz, ca.


released August 10, 2010



all rights reserved


plastic spikes Ventura, California

started in 2010 by ryein evan in santa cruz,ca.

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Track Name: the plastic spiikes - hazy footsteps
came across a rose I'd give to her,
thought it would make you smile.
your my one chance at bliss,
if i could have but one last kiss.

it's been so long since i have seen your face,
a crowded reflection at an ancient place.
i get so sad so lonesome without you,
my my my baby blue.
Track Name: just floating away
i'm just floating away,
i'm just floating away,
they say, i'll be back ,
some other day

oh, these vibrations,
oh all these vibrations,
come up, once again,
i'll always know you'd be a friend

as the clouds depart,
as the clouds departure,
i'll wait for you when morning is here

watch her go,
there she goes,
if she, only knows
she never lets it show.

la da da da

i'm just floating away,
i'm just floating away,
they say i'll be back some other day
i'm just floating away.
Track Name: sing the part with faith involved
well i've seen the colors of black & white,
and i've been shown the brightest light.
I've rescued all who's been saved,
please babe come stay.
i've got three weeks & i'll stay around,
i'll try and make this world go round,
and i've even flown all around town,
oh i can't be bound.

there's another thousand lost souls down the road,
boy you better do what your told,
and sing the part with faith involved.
i've never been so alone,
i'm reaching out for the unknown,
it's fine i'm going back home.

i'm going to fix this broken heart,
gotta retrace got to go back to the start,
somebody's layed down ready to roll,
can't be my baby cause she lost her soul.
the times sure have changed,
and your not acting the same,
these hills are filled with ancient eyes,
that never ever seem to die.

well i've been beated, i've been blooded,
i've been buried even rolling stoned,
but it don't matter babe i'll bawl i'll even crawl.
well everyone's got some story to tell,
even got they're secret spells,
i've even trapped a few in wells,
i'll be damned if i'm sent to hell.
Track Name: untitled #13
when you said we would stay,
when we flew far away,
when we came today,
and died yesterday.

now she moves,
her eyes eyed and wide,
i couldn't stay awhile,
we'll go an endless mile.

you could open up a side,
another side of you,
what have you got to lose,
now wouldn't you choose.

Now choose again,
i'm sorry we can't be friends,
we've only pretend,
all through the end.

your candy coated dreams,
are not what they seem,
your candy coated dreams,
are not what they seem.

we're going down,
i'll be around,
i touched the ground,
it's where i am bound.
Track Name: and i have just seen
and i have just seen,
her pretty face,
in a crowded place.

but she's so sweet,
and i'd like to know,
if i could meet,
what it is on her mind.

they're beginning to feel,
it's coming up slow,
and life's getting real,
is this all they know,
is this all they show,
everything learned from birth.

it's why we are led,
to follow it all,
we're taught with no heads,
i'd rather fall,
but i'll just wait for my call.